Support us on Patreon and help us grow

Heya everyone, we have just launched our Patreon page and would appreciate your support. Contributions of of any size are welcome and help in a myriad of ways.

  • They help in keeping our game releases frequent and our past games frequently updated
  • They keep our sites ad-free and our many of our games free-to-play
  • They will allow us to grow the team, adding new staff that will enable us to tackle bigger projects
  • They will help us update our tools and websites to stay on or ahead of the curve
  • They will enable us to¬†improve our media presence with new broadcasting tools for our live streams and events

In short,¬†your help enables and encourages us to continue to do what we do, better than we have ever done it. If you’re interested in pitching in – and no pressure, but certainly we hope that you are – you can do so right here.


We’re entering Ludum Dare 37

We’re entering Ludum Dare for the 8th consecutive time.

For the 8th consecutive time, we’re entering the Ludum Dare game jam. Our previous entries can be found on our site or on the old Ludum Dare website. We will, as we usually do, live stream our progress on our Twitch channel, so follow us there for notifications of when we go live.